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A Chorus Line (HS Edition) is our summer Teen Production. This program will meet three evenings per week in the summer beginning July 2, 2018. Performances will be August 9, 10 and 11, 2018.

Open to ages 13 through 18.


This is a training program for teens who want to develop and strengthen their skills as "triple threat" performers.




Educational Groundbreaking Experiences

CCPAC believes that theatre is a platform for education. Through EDGE, our mission will be to provide an outlet for teenagers to express themselves through the performing arts and also learn to be empathetic, inclusive, compassionate and caring. It is our belief that these traits will foster self-confidence, self-awareness and critical thinking skills that young adults can use to pave the way for their success as adults, regardless of their career choice. Through partnerships within our community, service and educational outreach projects, EDGE productions will provide teens with performing arts training, character education and the kind of thinking that will make a difference to their generation and generations that follow.